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Win a marketing video for your Company

Win a free promotional video customized with your company logo and details!

Every customer with a spend over R10,000 over the month of June 2021 is eligible to enter. Simply complete our quick survey to enter your company into the competition to stand a chance of having the 1 minute...Read More »

Econofoods East London make sure the food stays frozen

Whilst low temperatures and fire don’t seem like a likely combination, there are in fact many factors that make cold storage susceptible to fire risk. Econofoods understand the critical business impact a fire would have at their stores. Keeping the food at the right temperatures in controlled cold storage...Read More »

Understanding Multi-Sensors


With advances in technology there is a growing selection of multi-sensors available on the market. However as with everything, when there is choice, it’s important to understand the options and impacts they have on your design.

Free course with live webinar to take you from zero to hero on Emergency Voice Communications.  Everything you ever wanted to know about fire phones, refuge outstations and disabled toilet alarms.

There is a 20 minute presentation that take you from an overview of EVC, the highlights of the SAN530...Read More »

SANS10400 part T 2020 Updates

SANS10400 part T, which is the part of the building regulations that deals with fire protection, was updated in 2020.  These changes mostly relate to which buildings must have fire detection, and an important update in this release, also have Voice Evacuation.

To assist working out which buildings must have fire...Read More »

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