An important aspect to all life safety systems is to ensure they perform as expected. In order to achieve this, good design practices are required. There are both local and international bodies that have documented and created standards that need to be followed for the Fire Detection Industry.  Knowing these standards and how they apply to the products and installation procedures is the most important aspect of Fire Detection Systems. Fitting a non-conforming product or selecting the incorrect product for an application is one of the main reasons why systems do not perform as expected.

At G2 we have employees registered with the SAQCC at various levels and certified up to Designer status. Please review our personnel profiles to view a full list of our qualifications and institute memberships.

We have excellent, unique, customised tools such as our Grafix design desk which provides a quick and accurate method of placing items on floor plans, verifying the design and producing Bill of Quantities (BoQ) in seconds for any of our brands of product.


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Fire Detection in Cold Storage

Cold storage facilities are used extensively from production to storage for everything from food to pharmaceuticals to art work. Not only are these business critical facilities, expensive to build and run, but the assets they contain must be secured from all and any...Read More »

Learning Lunch Webinar - Understanding Intrinsically Safe

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G2 are delighted to announce our new series of Learning Lunch Webinars.  Why not spend you lunch hour learning something new or just topping up on your knowledge.

G2 have created a series of webinars on a variety of hot topics.  In this first episode on Friday...Read More »


Sick of battling with CAD drawings to plot your design, only to find yourself still having to print and mark giant pieces of paper to get some quantities to then start pricing your bill of quantities?  We certainly were!

Until we decided there must be an easier way – welcome to...Read More »

32 is the magic number (Zone)

There seems to be a misguided theory in the industry that the maximum number of devices in a zone is 20 according to SANS10139. THIS IS INCORRECT! There is no part of SANS10139 that states this. In fact the maximum number of devices per zone is 32 and is part...Read More »

Audible and visual alarms in gas areas

Various national standards are used in the gas suppression industry. Each standard has a section on the use of audible and visual alarms. However, there is no conclusive sequence of operation, they all request alarms to be audible and visual but are not clear as to which alarms should be...Read More »