New Ziton Isolator Base

We are pleased to announce that the new short circuit isolator base for Ziton addressable systems is now available to order. The new ZP7-IB2-P will automatically replace the old ZP7-IB-P when current stock runs out.


Ziton Detector Base w/ Integrated Isolation

The new isolating base is a direct replacement for the ZP7-IB-P featuring 100% backwards compatibility with any existing systems. It not only boasts the same features as the old unit, but also offers some exiting new features under a new operating mode. The new ZP7-IB2-P may be used in legacy mode in all applications where the old isolator base was previously deployed.

What is new?

The ZP7-IB2-P base isolator protects Ziton addressable fire detection loops against short circuits just like the previous isolator. Unlike the previous isolator where the system only supported up to 16 isolators per loop, the new ZP7-IB2-P now allows for all 127 detectors on the Ziton loop to be isolated using its new enhanced operating mode. For existing systems, and to ensure full backwards compatibility when used together with earlier isolators, the ZP7-IB2-P still support the legacy operating mode. Legacy mode ensures backwards compatibility when the new isolator is mixed with previous isolators on the same loop.

Key features include:

  • Provides short circuit loop protection for Ziton addressable fire detection loops increasing the overall safety of the fire system
  • ​​​​​​Allows for up to 127 detectors per loop to be isolated to allow for the minimum loss of fire detection functionality when a short circuit occurs.
  • ​​​​​​Local LED indication in case of isolation activation for ease of fault location
  • ​​​​​​Supports detector/base locking for added tamper proof fire installations
  • Fully backwards compatible with existing installations
  • Fully CPR certified and approved to EN54-17

Availability & Pricing

There is no change in price from the earlier version.
The ZP7-IB2-P will be available very shortly.