Multiple Specialist Detectors protect Secrabje Verpakking

Complex sites require complex solutions

Industrial sites require extra consideration when it comes to fire detection design. Secrabje Verpakking in Vivo, Limpopo is a perfect example of how combinations of specialist detection techniques are required to provide a comprehensive and effective fire detection solution.

Secragje Verpakking store and pack vegetables for most of the big grocery stores. There are a variety off different areas each using specific conveyor belts or packing machines, and each coming with a specific fire risk. Nico du Plessis from Unique Fire assessed every separate area and addressed each risk with the appropriate fire detection components.

This lead to a fire detection system that included Patol digital linear heat cable, XP95 reflective infra red beams covering up to 100m, addressable point smoke and heat detectors and XP95 IR3 flame detectors. This complex site implemented both a conventional panel, reporting on the digital linear heat cable areas, and an addressable panel. Nico chose the 1X-F8-99 networked to the 2X-F1-900 as it provids full reporting and central control. He selected the Aritech 900 protocol in order to use addressable beam and flame detectors which will enable quick identification of the areas in the event of a fire.

This complex fire detection system is a success largely due to the skill and expertise of Nico from Unique Fire in his analysing each risk area and being able to apply the most suitable detection technology to the fire risk.

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