Keeping Staff Safe at Chiba Mielie Pops

Chiba mielie pops is a mielie pops manufacturing company for the wholesale market, based in Polokwane. Limpopo. Their industrial popcorn machines use propane gas to heat them. It’s a labour-intensive process and requires large volumes of gas. With this risk to the employees the local fire brigade requested that LPG detectors be included in the fire detection system.

Unique Fire installed a complete fire detection system with the usual compliant optical smoke detectors, manual callpoints and sounder/beacons reporting to a GST 2 Zone conventional panel, with the addition of conventional LPG detectors which were located near the popcorn machines.

The fire alarm system interfaces with a solenoid valve installed in the LPG line. If the LPG detector senses gas or the fire alarm is activated for any other reason, the solenoid valve feeding the gas line is immediately closed.

Nico du Plessis from Unique Fire is happy to report that the LPG detectors were suitably sensitive and working exactly as designed, and importantly, to the satisfaction of the fire department.

So thankfully the only thing going pop will be the mielie!