When they only remember the fire detection after the building is finished!

  • OneMini Touch Screen Fire Alarm Panel

You all know the story.  So much planning has gone into the new office block and just as they are doing the final touches someone points out there is no fire detection! Now what?

Luckily for the new office block in Walmer Main Road, Port Elizabeth, they called upon Jean-Paul (JP) Germishuizen and Jacques De Beer of Dynafire (Pty) Ltd to come to the rescue.  At the point where they were called in the building was 99% completed and installing wiring and conduits would have been very difficult, especially considering how quickly it needed to be completed.

Wireless was the obvious answer as it offered quick installation and flexibility should the internal layout change, which would result in detectors needing to be moved in the future. As the building tenants move in and make changes the wireless devices can be easily relocated, offering long term cost and time savings. J

For the wireless portion of the installation JP used the tried and tested EMS Firecell Wireless range of radio devices.  However as an early adopter, and wanting to offer the new office space a panel befitting of it’s new modern design, Dynafire installed the newly launched Teledata MiniOne touch screen panel.

Understanding that Dynafire only had limited time to complete the installation, G2, using design plans from JP, helped by doing some of the pre-programming of the wireless devices onto the panel before shipping down to PE.  Working over the weekend JP and Jacques installed and commissioned the entire system.

Now that’s how you save the day!

Equipment used: