ASD’s protecting Metrofile Bloemfontein

The Metrofile Group is a JSE listed company and a global records and information management specialist, providing clients with end-to-end solutions for the complete information management lifecycle.  With the new wave of technological change disrupting many business sectors, including records and information, they are well placed to bridge the gap between physical storage and new digital platforms. The custom built facility in Estoire provides storage space for a over 150 000 boxes and Metrofile keep the safe storage of these files very seriously.

Following successful installations of fire detection systems at several Metrofile warehouses in Johannesburg, Tempest Fire were awarded the contract to install the high sensitivity detection system in the Bloemfontein Branch.

Project Manager Kalo Kalonji of Tempest said it was an easy decision to use the Securiton ASD535-2 again for smoke detection in the warehouses, as the units could cover a large area and despite the highly sensitive smoke detection, they were very stable in the warehouse environment.

Each warehouse was covered with a 2 pipe ASD535-2 unit which was fitted with dust filters to reduce false alarms. They report back to conventional panels which also allowed for the necessary callpoints and sounders in the area.