Testing Device on your Advanced MX-5000 panel

Device finder

If you are trying to locate a device, your Advanced panel can assist you. Individual detectors can be tested to check the chamber response and illuminate the detector LED. Individual outputs (sounders, beacons and relays) can also be tested to check output connections and operation.

To use this feature, first select the “LOOPS” menu and then select “VIEW/EDIT”. Scroll to the address highlighting the device required. By pressing the “tick” button on the panel’s keypad, you will be prompted to “TEST THIS DEVICE”.

On a device such as a detector, MCP or interface, the LED will illuminate in order to help locate it.  On other devices such as sounders, beacons and relays, this feature will activate the device so that, for example, a beacon will begin to flash or the doors may open (relay activated). This test will continue until cleared at the panel by simply pressing the escape key.