Securiton ASD Protecting Spar Distribution Warehouse Eastern Cape


SPAR opened its Eastern Cape distribution centre in Port Elizabeth in 1992 and since then has become the biggest food retail business in the province.

With a substantial value of goods housed in this large complex warehouse facility, early fire detection is essential and the best solution was to use aspirating smoke detection (ASD) also referred to as HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection).

SAQCC certified designer Jean-Paul Germizhuizen from Dyna Fire selected the SecuriRAS ASD units, which were located high on the walls, away from potential damage due to fork lift operations in and around the area. Having designed the aspirating pipe runs to cover the full 25,000m2 warehouse sampling the air from across the entire warehouse to the detector where it is analyzed for any smoke particles. The filters fitted on the pipes help remove dust and other particles to reduce the problem of false alarms. The ASD units report any fire or fault conditions to the addressable ZP2 panels, which in turn will display on the G2 FireGrafix cloud software, this also relays messages to appointed personnel. Both the Spar designated staff and Dyna Fire technicians are made aware of any incident as soon as it has occurred.

The technology used provides round-the-clock automatic warning of any presence of smoke and also continuously confirms operational integrity of the whole system. This give the distribution centre peace of mind knowing they are maximising operational up-time and actively protecting the building, staff as well as millions of Rands of produce.

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