Words are better than noise

Conventional voice alarms – say it loud and clear

It is well documented facts from research institutes that while only 13% of people react to bells or sirens, 75% will react to voice instructions.  While there is no doubt voice evacuation systems are an excellent solution to quickly and efficiently evacuate a building, whatever the emergency, sometimes the budgets just don’t allow for full evacuation.

Cranford have introduced their voice sounder and voice sounder beacons which have a  choice of 32 pre-recorded messages.  Connected to any fire panel as a conventional sounder this is a simple and cost effective means of enhancing the evacuation of any building.

Customised messages can be specially ordered – lead times apply.

Both the VCL-SB-RB voice sounder and VCL-SB-RB-RL voice sounder beacon are now in stock!

See g2online.co.za for details.


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