New ASD533 to expand high sensitivity smoke detection range

The new ASD533 from Securiton is a designed to meet the demands of zones sized areas that need longer pipe runs and more sampling points that currently available from the ASD531 and ASD532.

Coming complete with the smoke sensing unit, this one pipe detector is as simple to install as the rest of the range but just that little more powerful than the smaller models.

Contact your local G2 sales representative for design assistance with any of your specialist detection needs.

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2 thoughts on “New ASD533 to expand high sensitivity smoke detection range

  1. Richard Peterson

    I’m a Managing Director of Consuming Fire Engineering (Pvt) Ltd in Zimbabwe. I would like to train online in installation of conventional fire detection equipment. Please assist.


    Richard Peterson

  2. Nichola Allan Post author

    Hi Richard
    Excellent, please see our training courses at where you can do introductory courses on fire detection and there is a full course on the installation of the ZP1/1X conventional panel.

    Kind regards

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