Conventional Panels Networked

Whilst networking is usually considered for larger Addressable installations it is not limited to these panels if using G2’s ZP1 and 1X range of panels.

The conventional panels can be networked together creating a large conventional installation distributed over up multiple panels up to 64 Zones. Panels can be up to 1200m apart and be setup to control either just themselves or all the panels on the network.

It is the same network that runs on our ZP2 and 2X panels and these can be included in your design. For example you can have multiple conventional panels connected to a single ZP2 repeater panel which will not only display and control all the conventional panels but will also store the events in the log with time and date stamp.

A further application is using the X3E extinguishing panels. These EN54 extinguishing panels are easy and economical to install and have the added advantage that all activities are repeated and logged on the addressable connected panel.

All you need is a network card in each panel.

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