G2 is pleased to welcome NIttan Evolution to its portfolio.

The Evolution 1 panel provides us with our first touch screen fire panel. The one loop panel supports up to 254 devices on the loop it comes with LED zone card and fault redundant network fitted as standard.

The Nittan Evolution protocol is a excellent modern protocol with a full suite of devices including the:

EV-PS – Optical Detector with Integrated sounder using just a single address.

EV-DP the NIttan patented dual optical detector, this detector makes use of both a blue and infra-red light sources in the detector to prevent false alarms from steam and other non-smoke related contaminants.

Visit our g2online site for a full list of the Nittan Evolution products including datasheet downloads. Our show rooms in Johannesburg, Durban and PE have the panel and devices on display.

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