Double Knock ZP2 & 2X

If you require alarm confirmation in the way of a double knock, the ZP2 and 2X panels provide this with ease. A simple drop down box on the zone labeled ‘Zone Type’, making this ‘aDsZ’ will give you the desired result where any two device activation or a single call point will result in a confirmed alarm.

In addition the ZP2 and 2X also monitor this and have 2 additional settings:

  • confirmation inhibition time (60): this is configurable and defaults to 60 seconds and basically says it will only consider the second device activation after 60 seconds from the first device. This is an excellent way of the system ensuring that a sudden dust event will not cause false alarms as 2,3 or 4 devices going into alarm because of dust in an area from wind or a sudden open door will be observed as only one activation as they all occur at more or less the same time.
  • Alert Cancellation Time (5): this is the number of minutes the panel will wait for a second activation time, after which any detector going into alarm will be seen as a fresh event. This is a great improvement on older panels which would basically go into ‘second knock’ 3 weeks later if the panel had not been reset from the first device activation.

Note it shows misunderstanding of the ZP2 and 2X platform if you try and configure Double Knock in the rules section of the programing as to achieve the above depth of activation would require many rules woven together which has great potential for undesired results and hard for following technicians to interpret when the standard function is built into the panels firmware already!

Note: Other double knock options are available on the zone type configuration.

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