FireGrafix – Free with ZP2 and 2X panels

We know it’s the end of the year and you’re all looking forward to some holiday time, but at G2 the great ideas and value adds don’t take a break! Available now is our free FireGrafix software with every ZP2 or 2X panel from G2.

All you need is to connect the panel to the internet, register and you can see the status updates and current events on your panel from anywhere in the world.

Contact your local G2 office for a full demonstration on this fantastic new service.



3 thoughts on “FireGrafix – Free with ZP2 and 2X panels

  1. Peter Allan


    Firegrafix has been updated with a new feature. Now as well as getting warning messages via telegram when you panel fails to communicate with the Firegrafix server it will also update all icons of devices controlled by this panel on the maps. There will be a red cross through the devices showing they are offline. Their status they were before communications was lost will be preserved so you can see what the system status was before the failure.

    As soon as the connection is re-established the red cross will be removed from the devices.

  2. Peter Allan

    FireGraFix now Provides Routine Maint Reports

    A new feature has been added which automates test reports and stores them against the panel profile in FireGraFix. Training videos on on the firegrafix training option.

    Simply put the FireGraFix connected panel into test and then send a confirmation message (telegram) to the system. As each device is tested it will send the device ID and name to the telegram user testing the system. No need to go back to the panel for a report of devices as these are sent to telegram as they are tested!

    Once complete it will telegram the test report in pdf format and store this against the sites status page.

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