Open Protocol




When looking at addressable fire systems there are two types:

  1. Open Protocol
  2. Closed Protocol

A closed protocol addressable system is where the manufacturer of the fire panels uses their own loop devices. Examples of this are Ziton, Bosch, Siemens etc. The advantage is that as an installer and end user there is one point of contact in the manufacturing responsible for the whole solution. The disadvantage you may be bound to a single supply chain.

Open protocol panels use one or many open protocols. This means the panel manufacturer can concentrate on making a panel while using a device manufacturers loop devices.  Example of panel manufacturers are:

  • Advanced (Technoswitch)
  • Kentec
  • Aritech

Whilst the device manufacturers include:

  • Apollo (XP95)
  • Argus Vega
  • Hoichiki
  • Nittan

The great advantage of this is it gives the installer and end user freedom to buy devices and panels from whom them want to and they are not locked into a single supply chain. The disadvantage is that new features in either detector or panels may not necessarily work with the complementing product.

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