ZP3 Firmware Update

In line with new European Legislation the ZP3 has had a moderate firmware update. It will still show as Version 3.12 in Software version.

One of the main changes is on it’s monitoring of the Commissioning Key. When turned on the panel will now show a fault “unrecoignised commission input”  and the panel buzzer will sound.  If silenced after 15 minutes the buzzer will resound.  This is intended to stop technicians leaving the panel in commissioning mode.

When the commission key port is turned back off you will need to reset the panel to clear the fault.

Another noticeable change is that the loops will also re-initialize after any changes and not just on a reboot.

G2 are happy to assist any clients who have bought the new panel from G2 and wish to downgrade the older version 3.12 as these new changes are not mandatory under SANS10139.


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