Understanding SAQCC fire training

There still appears to be confusion over what is required to register for the SAQCC Fire Detection and Gas Suppression. Hopefully this article will help to clear up some of the confusion.

Firstly for Gas registration Pipe Fitter, Installer, Serviceman/Commissioner or Designer, these are all still done by assessment test. The tests are done in various centres across the country. Contact Meryl for dates and details.

For Fire Detection you need to submit certificates for the relevant training courses as per each level.
First misconception: SAQCC do not run training courses so cannot book them for you. You must contact the training companies directly.
Second misconception:
There is no single course for cabler, installer, commissioner, designer etc. see table below for list of all the courses needed per level.

2 courses are required
1. Cabling and Conduit
2. Safety & Workshop Practice Hand Tools

Both done by Enpower Training Services, contact 031 573 5480 or training @enpower.co.za

4 Courses in total required. G2 can help with only 1 course. Enpower provide all the others.
1. Basic Electrical and Electronic Theory
2. Fire Detection Principles
3. Safety and Fire Detection Practical
All above again are provided by Enpower Training Services

4. Supplier Training 1 – conventional
This course is supplied by G2

A total of 5 courses required. Here G2 can help with 2. All others are provided by Fire Systems Training.

1. Supplier Training 2
2. Supplier Training 3
Contact G2 for details of these courses.

3. Standards Training SANS246
4. Standards Training SANS 322
5. Standards Training SANS 10139
All provided by Fire Systems Training, 011 452 1797, admin@firesystraining.co.za

Designer required 3 courses all provided by Fire System Training
1. SANS 246
2. SANS 10139
3. Fire Detection Design Course

7 thoughts on “Understanding SAQCC fire training

  1. Sfiso dladla

    I want to be authorise contractor please assist with more information or training cost

  2. Nichola Allan Post author

    Hi Sfiso, You can email training@g2fire.co.za or call 0879409322 and speak to Pretty about our courses. If you are new to fire detection we would recommend you start with our Introduction to Fire followed by the Conventional Panel Training.

  3. Webster B.Mwangobola

    Am a Malawian who did a Saqcc Fire service technician training in 2013, very much interested in pursuing a Saqcc Fire training.

    Please help with Guidance

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