SMS Quote Tool

The newSMS Quote Tool allows you to visit a potential clients site and within seconds of quantifying the clients requirements you can comfortably provide a verbal quotation and by the time you access your email inbox you will have a customised quote to send to your clients with your company logo and details including your terms and conditions.

Whats more you will have an accurate up to date quote from G2 with all the equipment costs.

Even more!!!!

Yes the quote that you have sent to your client has all the data sheets for your proposal linked to each of the photos on your quote.

How many professional quotes can you provide a day and even extend who in the organisation who provides surveys and quotes without giving them visibility to your rates!

Please contact your G2 Sales representative and they will come and provide a demonstration and capture your details.

Seeing this tool in action is the only way in which you can fully establish how it could add such great cost savings to you and your business with such minimal effort.

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