zitonlogoZiton is popular brand that is now owned by UTC Fire and Security.  Originally a South African brand based in Cape Town, it’s expansion as a world-class fire detection system lead to it being bought out, firstly by GE Interlogix and then UTC.

Ziton established a strong loyal following with its addressable ZP3 panel and devices. A single manufacturer developing the complete system, which was ahead of it’s time and solidly reliable, made it a firm favourite with installers, consultants and end users alike.


The ZP3 is still popular but coming to it’s final days as newer technologies are being incorporated into the fire detection systems.  The ZP2 range offers a new alternative while still working with the legacy Ziton loop devices. The ZP2 is user friendly and has USB and ethernet ports for easy configuration. It comes in a range of sizes to fit in with modern architecture.

Ziton still also hosts a conventional range in the form of the ZP1 panel and Z600 range of detectors.

zp2wirelessPerhaps one of the most exciting developments with the Ziton range in recent years is the integration with EMS Wireless, now providing both total wireless or hybrid wired and wireless solutions.  Compatible with both the ZP2 and ZP3 panels, the additional flexibility of a full range of EN54 wireless devices makes an idea solution for any application.


G2 have been selling and supporting Ziton since 2009 and our Ziton training courses addressable and conventional are SAQCC certified for Supplier Training 1, 2 & 3.


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