Patol – Linear Heat Cable

patolPatol Fire Detection are a manufacturer of specialist industrial fire detection equipment, based in Berkshire, England, UK.

Patol has considerable expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist fire detection products and services. The particular requirements of national standards, client specifications or project needs are a standard aspect of Patol’s design & engineering service. Patol’s expertise ranges from discrete military vehicle monitoring modules through to multi-discipline systems covering all fire protection, process control and security aspects.

Their main product lines include:

  • Linear Heat Detection Cable
  • Infrared Transit (Conveyor) Heat and Flame detectors
  • Infrared Flame detectors

Linear Heat Detection Cable

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a versatile detector in dirty, industrial and exceptional environments. There are 2 primary types of cable Analogue LHDC which is resettable and Digital which is non-resettable.

It comes in a variety of materials and temperatures. G2 keeps stock of the most common variety, which is the Digital 70 degree in black nylon. All other varieties have a short leadtime.

Linear heat cable is designed to provide early detection of fire and high temperatures in areas where other forms would not be viable due to the environment or distance. The cable comprises of twisted pair which reacts to changes in the temperature either creating a change in resistance (analogue) or fuses (digital) to create the alert.

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