Argus Vega – Intelligent Loop Devices

advacnedArgus Vega is an Italian designed range of intelligent addressable fire detection devices, comprising detectors, call points, audio/visuals and interface units.  Not surprisingly they produce some of the most stylish looking detectors available in the market today.  As a device manufacturer they work with a long and distinguished list of panel manufacturers who have built the intelligent addressable digital Argus Vega protocol into their own products.

One of the most distinguishing feature of the AV protocol is the ability to support up to 240 devices on a loop. This alone could save time and money on addressable installations.

There is a long list of innovative features across the AV range, from centrally mounted detector LEDs to fully resettable call points. Their unique handheld programmer also removes the installers favourite pain, binary addressing!

av G2 are delighted to advise we have been supplying the AV protocol devices with the Advanced MX-5000 panels – branded by Advanced as Axis EN

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