Heat Detector Classifications

New EN54-5 classifications for heat detectors have introduced a new code for working out what Class of heat detector you are using. They now come with suffixes such as A1R and CS. This can be a bit of a mine-field so here are the classifications to help you work it out.

Detector Classification Typical Application Temp °C Temperature Response Range °C
A1 25 54-65
A2 25 54-70
B 40 69-85
C 55 84-100
D 70 99-115
E 85 114-130
F 100 129-145
G 115 144-160



Suffix ‘S’ indicates the detector will not respond below the minimum static response temperature i.e. fixed temperature

Suffix ‘R” indicates that the detector has the ability to produce an alarm within the range of ‘rates-of-rise’ of air temperature.

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