FDIA Tested Cable

The FDIA has had growing concerns of the different types of cables, at great variances in price, being sold into the industry.

Based on this concern, the FDIA made arrangements to conduct tests on the cables claiming compliance with EN 50200.

EN 50200 provides the test requirements to ensure PH 30 cables remain operational in fire conditions for 30 minutes or more.

International cable standards specify cable sheaths to be halogen free. The result of burning cables that are not halogen free is the production of noxious gases and fumes, which therefore becomes an important factor for fire alarm cables.

Cable core sizes and drain wires were inspected.

Cable samples were collected from contractor’s stock. FDIA committee members witnessed the two sets of tests conducted on a test rig in Johannesburg.

The competition for cable sales is fierce and by leaving certain elements out of the cable structure allows them to be price competitive, but we wish to remind everyone that these cables are for life safety systems. Should we be looking to cut corners with cable selection?

The FDIA is not promoting any one cable over the other, or making recommendations, but the tests were undertaken to provide information to the industry as to the performance of these cables.

G2 Fire are pleased to report we only sell Ram Firecro cable in 1mm (WFA10210) or 1.5mm ((WFA10215) and it was found fully compliant in all aspects.

For the full report see: https://www.fdia.co.za/index.php/bulletins-newsletters/36-bulletin-12

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